Tenders allow shippers to minimize their expenditures.

To increase profitability and attract lots of consignors one needs to organize efficient, competitive and a widely accessible public bidding

tenders to_shiper

For shippers

Using tenders facilitates minimizing shipment expenses

By adding your freight to the tender you save your time searching for bargains from a counterparty - Tender functional system does it all for you.

On Tender completion you will be offered the best possible price.


For carriers

Tenders also offers alternative ways of searching for freight

Tender functional system allows you to make fair bids. Knowing the sum offered by your competitors you can propose a better price and therefore leave your opponents behind.

You can make a good offer by monitoring the bidding process, bids’ quantity as well as maximum and minimum price.


What are tenders for?

Tenders will be of use for those who wish to make their business a part of a large transportation system.

  • To organize efficient, easy to take part, competitive public bidding with lots of carriers
  • To increase profitability
  • To reduce the searching time
  • To conclude lucrative contracts regularly

How it works

Sign up on the Lardi-trans platform
Creating tender
Create a tender with a list of transportation requirements
Accepting bids
Wait till the bidding ends
Winner selection and transportation is about to start

Create a tender with specific requirements such as tender type – fixed or decreasing price, time frame, transportation route and its frequency, vehicle type, form of payment and minimum rates. New offers can be monitored through your personal account