Our partners The products of our partners broaden the possibilities of Lardi-Trans services, and the result of such cooperation is both favourable conditions for our clients and convenient integration of our services
Skyriver ‒ systems for GPS monitoring, management and control of vehicle fleets and field staff.
Integration with the accounting systems 1C and Parus. Customization of software according to client's requirements.
Ukrainian manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices.
WebEye Ukraine provides telematics solutions for online vehicle monitoring (GPS), the electronic toll system in Hungary (OBU), as well as solutions for logistics, expedition, security and more efficient management of the existing transport fleet.
Online service for secure documentation, management of vehicle trips and counterparty checking.
Fast registration of applications, accounting of vehicle trips, control of payments, integration with leading freight transportation marketplaces.
Search for freight
Transradar is the aggregator of applications for freight transportion from different websites that helps to find the best on-the-way and return load.
Transradar is free and does not require registration.
The BelTransSat system is a modern, patented, innovative IT platform that was created to solve business issues in the field of transport analytics and optimal logistics, using artificial machine intelligence and Big Data processing of large datasets.
Information systems
YouControl system is an online company verification service. Check contractors and keep track of their changes. YouControl has a complete profile of every company in Ukraine
B2BHint is a startup with an open database of companies and data on companies in Moldova and other countries. The main purpose of B2BHint is to make company information more user-friendly.
Евроинс Украина
The strategy of PJSC IC Euroins Ukraine provides for activities in all sectors of the Ukrainian insurance market.
Украинская страховая группа
«Украинская страховая группа» – современная и динамичная страховая компания национального масштаба.
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